"I’m 87 years old…I only eat so I can smoke and stay alive.. The only fear I have is how long consciousness is gonna hang on after my body goes. I just hope there’s nothing. Like there was before I was born. I’m not really into religion, they’re all macrocosms of the ego. When man began to think he was a separate person with a separate soul, it created a violent situation.

The void, the concept of nothingness, is terrifying to most people on the planet. And I get anxiety attacks myself. I know the fear of that void. You have to learn to die before you die. You give up, surrender to the void, to nothingness.

Anybody else you’ve interviewed bring these things up? Hang on, I gotta take this call….. Hey, brother. That’s great, man. Yeah, I’m being interviewed… We’re talking about nothing. I’ve got him well-steeped in nothing right now. He’s stopped asking questions.”


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" I think it’s very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person. "

Oscar Wilde

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drove around in a van with a bunch of teens the other night instead of doing homework

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Requiem for a Dream (2000)

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I can’t wait to watch life tear you apart.”

Stoker (2013) dir. Chan-wook Park

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I feel so tired and drained, just let me lay here for awhile

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